Psalm 2068

Psalm 2068


You’ll find me

A branch on a branch

Of my favourite tree

Shaking off, shaking off,

Shaking off dead leaves

Bathing in the sunlight

And flowing with the stream

Underneath me


You’ll find me

Dreaming up dreams

About dreams about dreaming

Skipping, gliding, ducking and weaving

Leaving you in my darkest hour

Or first thing in the morning

Inside a shower


You’ll find me

Making strange angles in my temple

Burning incense and skanking

Like Scratch and Hugh Mundell


Breathing breath of fire


You’ll find me

Staring back at you

In your room full of mirrors

Scotch on the rocks

Leaping over rivers

Kissing your feet

Whilst I’m looking up your dress

And making excuses for not writing more letters

And trying my best

To be better


You’ll find me

Taking visual, aural or cerebral stimulation

White Paki back up against the wall facing tribulation

Sitting up in bed

Praising Allah-lu-Jah

Or juggling jugs in the jungle

Whilst I’m driving your car

Plucking leaves or picking my strings

Or hiding in a corner secretly scribbling things

All around, all around, all around

All around and about me


You’ll find me

Defending myself, my virtues and my vices

At home jamming fresh hearts

Or cutting wicked slices

Feeding Dylan and Hendrix

From cat food cans

Or down at the funky club

Reading Psalm 2068

Blasting all my fears away


Because this is the only place

I know And this is the only place I don’t know

And this is the only face I show

And this is the only face I don’t show