My Buddy Called Holly (And Other Friends)

My Buddy Called Holly (And Other Friends)


When Holly scrapes I feel my envy

But she makes me feel better

When I take her in drops at least four times a day

From a little bottle


Rocky Rose is wild and free

You know she is my favourite remedy

For those states of fear and apathy

That sometimes crawl up on me


Willow looks on wistfully

Before revealing her mystery

And a constitutional conspiracy

And she cries "Why me, why poor me?"


Heather talks incessantly

She keeps on telling me that she'll never leave

But I know she's only stalling me

Because she hates to be alone


Violet's wet and watery

She takes her holidays in a monastry

And she prefers to be alone

When you most want her


Vera is quite vain

She takes it all so so seriously

She loves to start an argument

And you'll never change her


Olive simply spins me out

She loves to spin me on her roundabout

She spins me round and round and round

Until I'm dizzy


My Jenny gently hesitates

She can easily feel despondant

She's afraid of spiders, flying and dying

And she doubts her own judgement


Chicory keeps a hold of me

She climbs like clematis and she drinks centuary tea

She bathes my wounds with the minimum of fuss

In agrimony and scleranthus


So as I swing around this garden

From the trees - the elm, oak, larch, beech and the aspen

Crab apples, cherries, ceratos, plums

And chestnut's lovely buds


Impatiently I flex my hornbeam

Hanging walnuts hot like black mustard seeds

Sucking honey and sowing wild oats amongst the gorse

And pining for the star of Bethlehem to come and rescue me