Not Afraid

Not Afraid


I'm not afraid of dying

In fact I'm already dead

To the lies that were living in my head

And tomorrow is a lifetime away

On the other side of midnight

Born out of the ashes of today


And I'm not sure if it's numbness

That I'm feeling or not feeling

Or the sore that's in my soul

Has recovered from the healing

As I get down on my knees praying

Thank you thank you thank you please

Hit me with another denial of my desire

Thank you please


Then I remember an old friend From long, long ago

She comes back to me, I know she'll never go

And she will take care of my body

When nobody else will

And when I die I know she'll be there with me still


If I came to you in the body of a woman

Would you listen to me then

Would you talk to me seriously

Or would you really want to use me for my body

Like you use me anyway

Not physically but on another level


If I can't use this time

Time will use me

And if I waste all this time

Time will waste me


© 2002 & 2006 Richard K Isaacs/Rockstone Recordings