I've been crying, haven't done that in years.

I've been crying, frightened of my fears.

All those memories, the words of my hymn,

now just visions of what should have been.

I've been crying,

about the emptiness within.


I'd been gazing into your eyes so blue;

seeing the sky and me and you.

You were casually unkind, looked away,

didn't seem to mind,

it started me crying,

a bird just flew.


I've been dreaming, of where you come through

and you notice, one and one make two.

The young girl you remember

would see right through

that blind you thought you drew,

I've been crying, my tears are not seen by you.


I've been looking at what those you can, do.

Staring in disbelief and anger too.

Now I know that all I hold as true,

is shared by less than a few,

I've been crying,

can't even rely on you.


© 2009 Duncan McCanlis