I want someone to knock on my door, burst in barefoot and walk on my floor.

Look me in the eye, there'd be no surprise

and we wouldn't say a word when we wanted more.


I want someone to mirror my soul, take me as I take life on a roll.

We'll laugh when we're glad, smile at the bad

and know that we're not apart, we're a part of the whole.


It could be you, you, you or you, I've been running round

but now the certainty of change and constant stillness,

is the faith I've found.


I want someone to pick all the locks, lift all the lids and open her box;

take me deep inside, down the upward slide

and trust in the ultimate truth of paradox.


I want someone to turn on the light, show us all who's wielding their might;

President Bush rose, think emperor's clothes,

the conspiracy appears in plane sight.


We need someone to burst from their pod,

stand in the doorway and give us the nod;

there's only me and you, what'll we do?

We'll talk to each other like a conversation with God.


I want someone to knock on my door.


© 2009 Duncan McCanlis