Without You

Without You


Without you, I'd be out of time.

Would never have climbed so high, been those birds wheeling in the sky.

Without you, I'd be moving in mime,

without you I'd have been here and there, now and then

and missed the signs of the sublime.


Without you, I'd be in the wrong place.

Got no mention in this dimension, kept myself locked in detention.

Without you, I'd be a rat in the race,

without you I'd be left holding on to my only notion:

to quicken the pace of the chase.


Without you, I'd have got it all wrong.

Blind to the beginning at every ending, not taking love's sometimes demanding.

Without you, I'd never have got to this song,

without you, there'd have been no eyes shining back to show me

it's not wrong to be so strong.


Without you, I'd never have heard my call.

North, South, West & East, even where the butcher's a priest.

Without you, it'd be me against them all.

Without you I'd have never had the courage

to build up my beliefs and then,

let 'em all fall.


© 2009 Duncan McCanlis